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by: Rebellion: Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 is another free game from AMD's Never Settle Gaming Bundle. Sniper Elite, the only non-"space game" I got from the Never Settle Space Edition. This is a World War 2 shooter, and as the title suggests focuses on sniping. 

The game differentiates itself from other shooters as it emphasizes the importance of tactical thinking over quick reflexes or the "run and shoot  everything that moves" kind of game play. As such the game values stealth and you have to choose your engagements well. Whether you are trying to silently kill a lone sentry with a silenced pistol, silent take down or with sound-masked sniper fire, you need a clear mind and a solid plan. Trigger happy players will find this game difficult if not impossible to play.

A defining feature of the game is the so-called "kill-cam". It doesn't only show you a slow-motion video of your kill but as well as an x-ray vision to add to the gore. If you are squeamish you can turn it off, as it can be quite violent and gruesome, consider yourself warned (shows the internal damage done by the bullet on the enemy soldier).

I can't seem to record w/ raptr so I'm including a link from the official Game Trailer

Video by: Rebellion

No doubt the game focuses on the single player campaign but the multiplayer aspect is quite a gem too. As with the campaign, the game play rewards the patient. Oftentimes the wait would stretch to several minutes before somebody gets a fire off. This game is a camper's paradise, find your own corner/hedge, hunker down and keep an eye out for opportunities to make a brain shake out your opponents' head.


I've been playing multiplayer for a bit (though not spectacularly)and I found out that Sniper Elite 3 seems to have a lot of experienced players on the field as it seems to be very difficult to win a match. Admittedly I am not a very good player with limited experience, but there really are players in the game who seem hit you if you move an inch off cover.

I find Deathmatch (DM) the mode I like best. TDM or team deathmatch is kind of slow as you can only hit 50% of the players in the match (the other 50% belongs to your team), in comparison in DM you need not worry if it is a teammate or not as every other player out there is a target. If you see somebody move, shoot it dead!

Another game mode which is capture the flag, is team based. Your flag is at your base and so is the opponent's at theirs. You would really need to coordinate with your team in this one. One should try to sneak in/run in to grab the opponent's flag while the others provide covering fire. If you are carrying the flag, you need to dash as hiding would be difficult if not impossible with a big tall flag at your back. Furthermore your enemy can track their flag, which is a dead giveaway as to where you're at. 

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Space Run

Video Game, Space, Tower Defense, Free, Cheap


Another free game from the AMD Never Settle Gaming Bundle "Space Edition". This is a funky new tower defense game with a twist. This is not the usual tower defense game where the enemy runs around the maze while your constructed towers attack them but instead you build towers on your ship as the enemy swarms you.

As usual I am including a video sneak peak, to give you an idea on the gameplay (pardon the audio, BG music seems a bit too loud).

Anyway as you can see from the gameplay, it offers a surprisingly novel way of playing tower defense. As you progress through the game you can unlock more modules, guns and other cool stuff :D. It's a  good time killer if you ask me. It's actually perfect for those short, few minutes break since it doesn't really make you commit more than 10-15 min per mission. However if like me, you are a sucker for these kind of games, then you'd probably lose a few hours playing and replaying different missions without noticing it. It is easy to fall into the "just one more level before I quit" mentality. There are a lot of cool guns to get and I've lost sleep trying to get the next big gun before I call it a night kind of nights hehe.

If you like this space racing/tower defense game definitely get this game. Even if you don't have the Never Settle Bundle you can still pick this game up from Steam for a few bucks, which is totally worth it. Kudos to the developer for bringing us this wonderfully original game.

Graphics: 85 (A bit retro, feels like the sidescrolling shooter games of old)
Audio: 90 (good voice acting; better pewpew laser sounds hehe)
Gameplay: 90 (Tower Defense with a twist)

Official Game Site Here:

Happy Gaming!!

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An Indie Space game with its roots from Kickstarter. One of the games available in AMD's Never Settle Gaming Bundle: Space Edition.

Game Review on Sniper Elite 3
Sequel to Sniper Elite 2, Rebellion continues to make awesome shooters with an emphasis on sniping.


sony online entertainment

by: Sony Online Entertainment

I had this game for quite a while now and been playing on and off for a few months now. This is a free online fps game developed by Sony Online Entertainment for both the PlayStation and the PC. I'm a PC gamer and would be reviewing the PC version of this game. 

This is truly a remarkable game. Most free games are hodgepodge of hastily designed mechanics and mediocre graphics, but not this game. It could simply give premium/paid AAA titles like Call of Duty a run for their money. This is an always on sci-fi shooter on Auraxium (a planet somewhere). Best part is the persistent environment, the round doesn't just end and restart at the same setting with no consequence whatsoever(looking at you CS) but rather every victory or defeat affects the online world - real time. The bases you captured for your faction benefits you and your comrades giving you an additional base to operate and spawn from and giving you resource advantage. 

A picture is worth a thousand words so take a gander at these beautiful in game screenshots and tell me you aren't impressed:

Vanu base, planetside 2, rocketlauncher, phoenix
Night Scene at a Vanu Base

Terran Republic, Planetside 2, Automatic Rifle
Assaulting a Terran Republic Outpost

I'd give the graphics a 10 :D game play a 100! This game has guns, tanks, aircraft and turrets... I'm bad at this game, when I mean bad, I mean I suck at it hehe (42% K/D ratio) lol but it doesn't stop me from enjoying this game. It's an alternate universe where I can escape and just blast away with my machine gun (who cares if 99% of the bullets hit nothing hehe)
See gameplay (and how bad I am) on this video.

This game doesn't just confine itself into a single genre, you want tank driving games? this game gives you a wide selection of tanks and vehicles, into dogfighting and aircraft? here you can be a fighter, a bomber, a fighter bomber.. Want stealth game, be an infiltrator and use your skills to avoid detection and get those awesome stealth kills. 

Graphics:  10
Audio:         9
Gameplay:  9

Download game here:

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MasterCheap Gaming

Being an avid gamer I want to purchase every game released [:D oh yeah]... 

However, being poor I can't possibly buy everything [sad fact... :( ] 

In fact I can hardly afford buying more than 5 or 6 games annually. Is there a way I can satisfy my craving without emptying my pocket? 

Join me as I try to get as much quality games I can for the least amount of money.

HABITAT by 4gency

An Indie Space game with its roots from Kickstarter. One of the games available in AMD's Never Settle Gaming Bundle: Space Edition.

PRICE: FREE (w. AMD Never Settle Gaming Bundle)

Click to view Review


An always on FPS developed by Sony Online Entertainment. The game boasts one of the best graphics I've seen from a free to play game. with an ever evolving content, you surely will not get       bored with this anytime soon.

 PRICE: FREE (w. optional in-game purchase)

Starting this blog @ September 8, 2014

>August 30, 2014 - Bought myself a Sapphire R9 280 Dual X
Sapphire Dual-X, R9 200 series, overclocked
Photo from

Bought this card from Nutech. A good midrange gaming card and more importantly qualifies me for AMD Never Settle Gaming Bundle Gold Coupon ( SWEET DEAL :D). Recently AMD just refreshed its line of free games, adding Star Citizen, Alien: Isolation and several space themed Indie Games. The new edition is aptly called the "Space Edition"

This means.... great games for absolutely FREE. :DNext few game reviews will be from games I got from the Never Settle Bundle starting with the indie pack containing "Habitat" a game by 4gency.

Space Edition, Star Citizen, Alien Isolation     

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